Proud guardian of Plitvice Valleys

Drežnik Old Town is a magnificent defensive fortress from the 12th century that protected this part of Europe from the invasion of the Turks for 400 years. Due to its strategically important position, Drežnik often changed masters over the centuries, which left a mark on its walls, but 900 years later it still stands proudly as a witness to the turbulent history of this area. It is one of the few preserved historical attractions of the Plitvice Valleys that the Municipality of Rakovica has decided to protect and carefully restore. At the end of 2011, the large tower was restored, and since then the project of repairing the walls and roof of the large inner tower, as well as the remains of the defensive walls, has been underway.

Although it is not possible to explore the interior of the tower in 2021, the glade where the fort is located is part of many cycling, walking, and horseback riding trails because this place offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Korana river and the surrounding area.



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