The Municipality of Rakovica Tourist Board continuously, conscientiously, and responsibly monitors the situation and the advice of the competent institutions related to the safety and health protection of our fellow citizens and guests.

Is It Safe to Travel to Croatia?

Absolutely. When travelling, it is necessary to adhere to all applicable health and safety guidelines, and during their stay in the Republic of Croatia, all passengers, regardless of the category or country they come from, must follow the recommendations and instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

An interactive map of Croatia with marked active Covid-19 cases by region can be found at the following link (Plitvice Valleys are located in the Karlovac region):

Travel Information

The website of the Croatian National Tourist Board, the umbrella Croatian tourist organization, contains current information and advice on travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, in 14 world languages.

Before travelling, make sure to get informed about the valid safety guidelines to make your journey as pleasant as possible:

Possibility of Testing on Covid-19 in Karlovac County

You can access PCR testing for Covid-19 without prior notice. Rapid antigen testing can be done in six Community Health Centres in our region.

All information can be found at this link: