Sedra villa and Restaurant

Sedra (Engl. tufa) is in the waters of the Plitvice Lakes but Sedra is also a restaurant located only 6 km away from the Plitvice Lakes National Park offering dishes of the national and international cuisine and accommodation of 3 and 4 star rooms. Within the facility, there is the tennis terrain at your disposal, along with billiards, free parking and children’s playground. The facility is decorated rustically with stone wall elements and encompasses also a winter garden with a pavilion and an outdoor terrace with a magnificent view. Our specialties: Local national cuisine, extra menus for the demanding ones and children’s menu

Get to know our offer in the rustic ambience and find out some more about the tufa, the type of rock that created the most beautiful slopes at Plitvice Lakes.

Info & contact:

Pansion Sedra
Irinovac 149
47245 Rakovica

Tel: 047 784 401
Fax: 047 811 323
Gsm: 098 634 290

[email protected]