Traditional delicacy of the Plitvice region

A small family company for the production and distribution of traditional homemade pastries was founded with the aim of preserving the tradition of selling homemade pastries in the Plitvice region. Their strudel is renowned throughout Croatia, and the recipe is a well-kept secret. What makes it so special is a combination of natural homemade ingredients, traditional preparation, and a wide range of traditional and modern flavours. Traditional flavours are preserved in the apple, sour cherry, poppy seeds and cheese strudel – just like granny used to make them – and for those who enjoy mixing different flavours there are combinations like peach-cheese-sour cherry, chocolate-sour cherry, walnut-cheese-poppy seeds or cheese-sour cherry.



Address: Mukinje P4, 53 231 Plitvička jezera
Tel.: +385 91 7855 229, +385 91 8988 311