National Park that amazes with its beech forests, karst phenomena, and the diversity of flora and fauna

Northern Velebit was declared a national park in 1999 and in 2017 it was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The diversity of karst phenomena, flora and fauna are only part of the special picture of this natural unit. Strict reserves Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi, Lukina jama – one of the deepest caves in the world, botanical reserve Visibaba with an endemic Croatian sibirea, forest reserve Borov vrh, botanical reserve Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa, and the famous Velebit botanical garden are all located within the park. In the southernmost part there is a special reserve of forest vegetation Štirovača. The park is intersected by numerous hiking trails, the best known of which is the Premužić trail.

The modern visitor centre Kuća Velebita in Krasno is equipped with technological wonders that help visitors experience the mythical Velebit and touch nature with all their senses.



Location: Kuća Velebita, Krasno 92, 53 274 Krasno
Tel: +385 53 665 380