A watermill village situated where the blue-green water of river Slunjčica flows into the Korana river.

The powerful rush of water in the fall is a unique soundstage of welcome in Croatia, which means that you are in Rastoke, a place created by the meeting of two rivers, Slunjčica and Korana. Permanently inhabited since 19th century by defiant and proud people from nearby Slunj, who have seen more wars for generations than enjoyed periods of peace in this region on the centuries-old military border. Their lives, customs and interests have always inspired and moved the river flow. This sculptor in a fantastic representation of the nature of Rastoke, whose success depends on the people and responsible behavior of visitors. The Slunjčica River itself, at its source, plunges deep through limestone rocks, dissolving limestone rock, which it deposits in tufa and tirelessly builds new waterfalls. That is why Rastoke is a protected landscape of an eternal slow variability, which is guided by the untamed nature, which is shared by the City of Slunj, the Tourist Board and the NATURA VIVA Public Institution.

The Rastoke area belongs to the Protected Landscape of the Slunjčica within the ecological network of the European Union Natura 2000, a system of interconnected or spatially close ecologically important areas essential for the preservation of natural balance and biodiversity with the guiding principle: People and nature, not nature without people!


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