In the past Barac’s caves were also known as Radakovic’s caves. The surname Barać does not exist anymore in this region – it is a toponym dating back to the period before or during the Turks invasions. According to the oral tradition of the local people, a person with a surname Barać fought heroically and defeated a raging Turkish giant near the caves therefore the caves were in his honour named after him. Now we know that there are three caves. Some call them the Great and the Small, the Upper and the Lower, and the third one is simply called- the Third, and it allegedly has nothing to do with the first two. Since the latest rediscovery of the cave and its entrance we have called it the New Barac’s cave.

With eco light torches in your hand, we take you through the halls and channel paths and bridges between the grand figure. In this way you will experience memorable moments in the impressive beauty of the underworld, which is formed by nature for thousands of years. Stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates, oysters, are just part of the cave lavish wealth, which you can see in the 30-minute sightseeing. Cave abundant endemics of the underworld, and the historical genesis goes to the ancient beginnings of creating human civilization.

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