Equestrian club that organises recreational and sport riding

Equestrian club Rakovica is located in Grabovac Drežničkom/ Rakovica between NP Plitvice Lakes, the old town of Drežnik and Barac’s caves on the edge of the pristine nature.

Info & contact:

Equestrian club Rakovica
Grabovac 16, 47245 Rakovica, Croatia
Mob.: +385(0)95 859 5169
E-mail: konjickiklubrakovica@gmail.com

Rakovica Equestrian Club is an ideal place to make your dreams of riding through vast greenery, a fairy-tale forest, crystal rivers, or a snowy idyll come true. Those who have not yet experienced the feeling of a saddle will be able to safely embark on their first riding adventure on the backs of tame and intelligent horses of the Rakovica Equestrian Club, accompanied by expert guides.

The Club organises a school with basic lessons and short horseback rides lasting 10 or 20 minutes. If necessary, Rakovica Equestrian Club can organise a recreational or sports riding tour according to the specific wishes of the guests, but for this type of arrangement, you need to call a few days in advance.



Location: Oštarski Stanovi 129, 47245 Rakovica
Tel: +385 95 859 5169
+385 91 7322 702
+385 98 9097 856
+385 99 8206 661
+385 98 9639 379

E-mail: konjickiklubrakovica@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/equestrian_club_rakovica-101613045201522
IG: https://www.instagram.com/equestrian_club_rakovica/?hl=en