If you want to enjoy in the wonders of intact nature, relax and have an active holiday, come and visit us at the Equus igni Ranch, situated in the close vicinity of the NP Plitvice lakes, where life flourishes in the summer, and in the winter the whiteness of snow, horse sleighs and the sound of bells will make your experience complete

Riding through forests, meadows, fields, mountain paths and river valleys, you will experience marvellous diversities of Mount Velebit and the surrounding landscapes where the legendary movie Winnetou was filmed. Experience the fresh air, silence, birds singing and clean nature with wonderful breathtaking landscapes. Riding through the nature is least disturbing to the animal world and enables you to experience the wildlife from up close.

Intact nature along the edge of the NP Plitvice Lakes and the beauties of Gacka and Lika river valleys, Krbava field, Velebit Nature Park and National park North Velebit will give all nature admirers and horse friends an experience they will never forget.

Riding school
Field (countryside) horseback riding in Ranch surroundings (1-3 hours)
One day riding trips to the NP Plitvice lakes area or to the Barac caves (5-7 riding hours). During this trip, we visit natural and cultural monuments and have lunch in a restaurant or in the field.
Riding tours (trekking) lasting 3 to 4 riding days include: 5 to 7 riding (35-40 km) hours per day accompanied by a guide, staying in private accommodation, including dinner and breakfast with the best homemade food from the area, lunch in the nature during resting periods, visiting natural and cultural monuments of following destinations:
– 2 to 4 riding days – NP Plitvice lakes and surrounding area
– 4 riding days – NP Plitvice lakes and surrounding area, the river Gacka valley
– 8 riding days – NP Plitvice lakes and surrounding area, visiting the river Gacka and Lika valley and NP North Velebit

Info & contact:

Ranch Equus igni

Jelov Klanac, Rakovica

e-mail: [email protected]

Web: www.horseriding-croatia.com

tel.: +385 (0)98 909 7856

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