Equestrian Center Rastoke - Fairyland

Equestrian center Rastoke - Fairyland offers their guests walking tours with horses through pure nature for kids and adults, trail riding and horse back riding school. Our wish is that more people get to know the beauty of the horses and time spend with them, we are here to help in first steps.

Interaction with horses gives you a lot of opportunities for exploring yourselves and your environment. Overcoming obstacles and facing with fears, big or small, makes you feel like you can do everything and accomplished it in every way. Horse reactions help you to highlight and explain how you react in different life situations and you are becoming more self-conscious.

Building partnership with horse helps you to improve social skills like trust, sympathy negotiation, compromise and setting boundaries.

Spending time outdoors makes you feel peaceful and connected to nature. Also, learning about horses makes you to be more aware of environment and us as it’s guards. This advantages and skills can help you with overcoming everyday challenges that you come across at school, work or even at home.


Info & contact:

Equestrian center Rastoke – Fairyland
Broćanac 39, 47245 Rakovica, Croatia

Mob.: 095 384 2705

FB: Konjički centar Rastoke – Fairyland