The Ogi Adrenalin Park is located close to the tourist center Marko (across the road) and offers activities for the whole family. Adrenaline park with its offer meets the needs of all those who love adrenaline and good entertainment.

“Adrenalin program” Test your endurance limits on high and low elements with special alpinist equipment to help you overcome obstacles. Roping polygon is a challenging outdoor activity consisting of high and low-level elements. Low-level elements run at lower height above the ground (3 – 6 m), while high elements are set up on the beams (10 m) and require special safety equipment. “Tomahawk axes” If you are not a lover of height and demanding obstacles, try throwing tomahawk axes into wooden targets. Sounds simple? Try and see for yourself that there is a lot of practice required for this kind of sport. “Bow and arrow” For those with a little more precision and patience, we have prepared professional bows and arrows that can be fired at wooden targets. The first use of bow and arrow was recorded 3,000 years before Christ. Live through experience when bow and arrow were the only tool for hunting and survival. The modern bow can shoot an arrow over 200 m, with a speed exceeding 200 km / h.

Info & contact:


Oštarski Stanovi 130 A

Mob.: +385 (0)97 720 2682

Working hours: 13.00 – 21.00