The Ogi Adrenalin Park is located close to the tourist center Marko (across the road) and offers activities for the whole family. Adrenaline park with its offer meets the needs of all those who love adrenaline and good entertainment.

Start your adventure at the Ogi adrenaline park, located near the Marko tourist center (across the road). The Adrenalin Park offers fun for the whole family. Try climbing and walking through roping polygon or shooting targets using professional arches and arrows.

The adrenaline park in its offer has:

  1. Roping polygon (passing a roping park with climbing gear on – helmet, seat belt)
  2. ATV QUAD (program includes driving professional Polaris Sportsman 570 ccm ATV QUAD engines accompanied by professional staff)
  3. Paintball (200 balls with accessories included – helmet, vest, gloves, rifle, protective suit)
  4. Zipline adventure (includes a trip 30 meters above the ground 120 km / h)
  5. Archery (Robin Hood-style competition, including professional bows and arrows)
  6. Tomahawk Axes (Throwing an ax into a wooden target with the aim of hammering all the axes into a tree)
  7. Optical Air Rifle (Targeting a Professional Optical Air Rifle)
  8. Airsoft duel (rivals compete in target shooting with professional airsoft rifles)
  9. Giant swing (free fall speed is at your fingertips. Can be used individually or in pairs)
  10. Mountain bikes (touring the local area with bicycles and a map of the area)

Info & contact:


Oštarski Stanovi 130 A

Mob.: +385 (0)97 720 2682

Working hours: 10.00 – 20.00